Collaboration and Social Networking Software

A key element of almost every association is gathering like-mined people to pursue common goals via collaboration and social networking. Beyond the annual conference and occasional committee meetings, it is challenging to capture people's time and commitment to develop quality relationships and build ongoing exchanges of ideas. The real challenge for associations is to use today's technology effectively to capture the attention and imagination of its members.

The Synergy Web Platform Social Networking system builds on your organization's sense of community by providing a place for your membership to communicate and collaborate.  Member communities can be established based on your governing principles.  Communities may be open for anyone to join or invite only.  The board and committees will have their own private space to collaborate on the important issues of the day.  Finally, dashboards provide quick insight into the hot topics within the membership and notifications keep members updated at the frequency and medium of their choice.

The Synergy Web Platform's Social Networking system takes the hassles out of social networking so you can focus on engaging your members. This easy-to-use solution integrates the most powerful aspects of social networking, collaboration software and networking tools and will create a binding member benefit.