Move Your Members Online

Your organization is only as strong as its members. In this ‘information age’, if you don’t have up-to-the-minute member you can seem out-of-touch -- or worse, irrelavent. Currently, updating member data involves a returned membership form or the conscientious member to phone you with an update.  These slow updating methods happen after months of returned mail, bounced e-mail or incomplete phone calls to a member.  

The Synergy Web Platform Membership Management system provides a variety of ways for members to maintain and update their information. They can register or pay their annual dues with a credit-card . By providing these secure services online, you give members a valuable tool and free up staff time. In addition, the system is completely intergrated across your organization's Web site thereby tracking and reporting on important member activities.  As members learn to visit your Web site for information they need, your organization expand the value of its Web site.

The Synergy Web Platform Membership Management system provides back office tools to your staff where the member information is easy to maintain and view from anywhere in the world. You can build lists, export them or communicate with that small sub-set of members all from an easy to use interface.