Training and Certification

The Synergy Web Platform's e-Learning System (ELS) provides a new way to deliver your mission-critical educational information. Your organization can quickly leverage existing educational courses with little or no rework!  Course materials are uploaded from any standard electronic file format including HTLM, MS Power Point or Word, Adobe PDF, MS Media Player or other audio/video file. The education staff can work with familiar tools, and even collaboratively develop HTML content online.

Automate Testing and Certification

Your educational team can build tests and quizzes online to be integrated into your courses or as stand alone. Tests and quizzes are associated with courses, topics and/or sections, supporting a configurable testing “pass-to-proceed” content flow logic; creating a self-managed learning environment. Results are auto-scored or free-text answers may be graded online. The system can be easily customized to report results and statistics as you require. Printable certificates can be automatically created and delivered to successful students. Secure Registration Revenue Students access the ELS through a secure user ID and Password entry to a members-only portal site. The then self-register via real-time credit card processing. Since the ELS is fully integrated with the Synergy Web Platform, you are in complete control of registration access, roles and pricing. The Voucher system even makes it possible for your members to purchase an e- Learning ‘line of credit’ which they can dispense for use among their people.

Seamless Integration

Etchasoft will work with you to integrate the E-Learning System with an existing database of members or student management system.


Course Content Managed by Your Staff

• User friendly course and content management – you build the courses, upload the content and create tests online, without the need for a programmer or IT specialist

• Unlimited number of courses

• Managers control of the ‘live’ status of a course

• User may create and conditionally display multiple course lists within the portal for groups of members or subscribers

∗ Same courses may be listed in multiple groups

∗ Manager creates group names and course lists

Course Building Features

• User-determined course descriptions:

∗ Optional course ID

∗ Course title, description summary and author

• Course setup includes full HTML editor text sections for display:

∗ Preview page displays when the student has not yet registered for the course

∗ Instructions page displays when registered student enters the course

∗ Optional Disclaimer text will require student to click “I agree” before allowed access to the course content

• Course content structure user defined – unlimited sections and sub-section levels

Content Delivered with Standard Documents

• Use any combination of file types to meet instructional goals:

∗ Microsoft Office documents

∗ Adobe PFD documents

∗ Flash animation

∗ Multi-media (video and auto clips)

∗ Create content online using a full html editor including pictures

• Content is viewed either by its native application or by downloadable plug-ins in the browser

On-Line Testing Features

• Tests/quizzes may be unlimited in length

• Questions and answers are entered online

∗ Questions have full html text editing with pictures

∗ Up to 10 answer choices per question

∗ User-determined points per correct answer

• Question types:

∗ Single-select multiple choice (including “True/False”)

∗ Free text

• Test question delivery may be ordered or random

• Test delivery may be a random selection of questions from the entire pool of questions (20 out of 100) – each student gets a ‘different’ test

∗ Some questions in the pool may be set to always display

Options & Add Ons

On-Line Registration

• Students may register online using live credit card purchase

• Access and registration cost are user-determined, course by course:

∗ Pricing may vary according to members’ role/level

∗ Access can be limited to particular roles/levels of members

∗ Access duration may be set to a number of days or unlimited

Results and Certificate Options

• Automated test results for students and managers

∗ Option for students to see their results immediately

∗ Five levels of performance feedback messages

∗ Test results may be automatically emailed to student and/or manager

• Automatic completion certificate delivery

∗ You determine the fixed-field certificate layout

∗ May use a different background image for each course

∗ You may create certificate backgrounds as needed

∗ Certificate is emailed to student, manager(s) and an on the fly list of optional email addresses

∗ Certificates may be reprinted by manager

Student User Experience

• “My ELC Courses” module allows students to jump directly to their registered courses from anywhere in the portal

• All content (except tests) open in a new window so the student doesn’t get lost in navigating in and out of the content

• The student manages their progress through the course:

∗ Student may enter the course as many times as needed, within their allotted registration time

∗ Content item is marked when the student opens it, student may unmark the item if they did not complete the item

∗ The last opened item is place-marked for easy return to where the student left off

• Course developer may manage presentation using nested prerequisites:

∗ New content access can be automatically enabled with the successful completion of a previous quiz or test when a certain score is attained

∗ User may limit the number of attempts to take a test

Voucher Payment System Add On

• Allows you to sell discounted training ‘in bulk’ for your member companies to dispense to their employees, like a portal credit-card number:

∗ Voucher value may be increased or adjusted by administrator

∗ Vouchers may be limited to particular courses

∗ Each usage automatically sends emails to voucher owner and user

∗ Voucher owners may monitor their vouchers’ balances online

∗ Administrator and voucher owner may create detailed usage reports

Focus Personalization Add-on

• Adds the ability to identify your community’s keywords to push the ELC content to members. Tag courses with the keywords to ‘force’ personalization by group or individual.