Your Website Can Do More

Etchasoft's Synergy Web Platform is a full-featured Web site content management system (CMS) that puts YOU in charge of your organization's public and member-area content. The dream of dynamic, personal, interactive content and community building in your organization is now a reality. Using Synergy Web Platform's various applications, you can 'push' your on-line and live training, meetings, programs and information dynamically - targeted to specific sub-groups of members. Members can also opt to automatically 'pull' the exact information they are interested in, increasing site visits and usage. All the functionality is modular, so you customize the features that best provide member services, community building, collaboration, e-commerce, learning services, publishing and knowledge management to your constituents.

SynNet will work with you to design a completely original, dynamic Web portal. Once the software is installed and customized, you manage all aspects of your new Internet site. The portal application gives the administrator complete control of the content, layout, membership, and security of the site. You create your new pages of content using pre-built content modules like announcements, discussions, calendars, FAQs, feedback forms, and images. Extend your site's functionality with one or more of Etchasoft's exclusive Non-Profit solutions. You can define secure sections for registered site users only. You can even set up banner advertising, personalize content for your members and interact with your members via email, newsletters and community forums. Of course, Etchasoft can create custom applications and fully integrate the portal with your Association Management System or database.