Industry Booster

Practically every association needs to presents its members products or services to the general public.  Or, an association needs to provide the trade or specialty's suppliers a method to advertise to the membership.  This is a great incremental revenue opportunity for the organization and members appreciate the single location for a large amount of industry specific information.   Finally, the content from the suppliers also makes your site the central hub for all information about the industry or specialty thereby enhancing your position as the “go to” source of information and resources for the specialty.

The Synergy Web Platform's Buyers Guide system delivers industry supplier information through a categorized hierarchy of listings and sub-listings.  Companies can purchase “premium” category or search locations and the advertisers add, edit and maintain their own information.  Advertisers can use text and pictures to promote their products and can have an almost unlimited number of items under their profile.  Workflow controls ensure that association staff can review listings for appropriateness prior to final publication.